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What is Assassin’s Creed Syndicate?

This is a really good Assassin’s Creed game, of course, my favorite since Assassin’s Creed II brought us back to the Italian Renaissance in 2009. This time we are in Victorian London in 1868. As with most games in the series, Syndicate switches between the present and the past, which follows an intricate and conspiratorial battle between Assassins and Templars fighting over … something, that’s for sure. You scale famous and little-known buildings, you use your magic eagle vision to spot targets in the crowd and kill them.

In keeping with the show’s tradition, the historic setting combines painstakingly accurate architectural renderings of things like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey with hilarious fictional cameos from figures like Darwin and Dickens. The side quest series is simply called Memoirs of Karl Marx. There is an Edwin Drood joke. The last mission is called “Driving Mrs. Disraeli”.

In honor of another Assassin’s Creed convention, these missions are wildly uneven, with thrilling elements like climbing London’s Tower Bridge along with an unimaginable pixel hunt during segments where little is required of the player. more than making sure the avatar hits the mark.

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What makes it good?

The cornerstone of any open-world game is the tour, and the London of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is a joy to navigate. Layered on top of the usual climbing, running, jumping, and stabbing is a new tool called the rope line, an anachronistic grappling hook. which Batman apparently left behind after a mishap in time. Evie and Jacob don’t move as fast as I’d like when they glide down it, nor are they always rushing to find an available ledge when pointing skyward. But the rope was my preferred method of travel in Victorian London, even though it was slower than horse-drawn carriages that can be hijacked on the streets without much consequence.

The game has a light, almost comical tone, underlined by the playful violins of Austin Wintory’s score. The plot, involving ancient civilizations, magic shrouds, scenes today on the actions of Abstergo, and characters from the Desmond / Ezio has basically seemed incomprehensible to players who are not steeped in the tradition of Assassin’s Creed. But it doesn’t matter: the Frye twins’ every moment motivations are clear enough.

The twins themselves are good companions during the dozens of hours it takes to play this game, perhaps the friendliest killers yet. Jacob Frye is the rake (maybe a little Nathan Drakish) who is a bit better in a fight, while Evie is a bit more serious and a bit stronger at stealth.

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