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Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a by Japanese development studio YOU Japan Studio, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 developed platformers Run – video game, the one with the DualShock 4 controller and requires PlayStation VR ownership. The publisher is Sony Interactive Entertainment .

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Story of Astro Bot Rescue Mission:


Captain Astro is on a peaceful space mission with his crew of Astro Bots when his spaceship is attacked and destroyed by a green, tentacle-proven alien. During the attack, the crew members are spread across five different planets and Captain Astro sets out to save his crew. 


The gameplay of Astro Bot Rescue Mission:

The player uses the VR glasses and the DualShock-4 controller to control the main character Captain Astro with the left analog stick through linear three-dimensional platforming levels, in which skill and precise jumping techniques are important. The different levels are with canyons, factories, a fairground or a city in the clouds richly varied. Opponents can be knocked out in close combat with blows and twisting attacks or from a safe distance with the flames from the nozzles of his robot feet. The game contains 20 missions in five different worlds and after each completed level there is a fight against a boss, for example a burning octopus or a huge monkey. The upgrades for the DualShock 4 controller, which you can always see in front of you in the virtual world, play an important role in the process. With the harpoon extension, for example, you shoot at rock hooks in order to jerk a passage into the mountains or stretch a rope over which the Astro Bot can balance.


In some levels there are various upgrades for the DualShock 4 controller, such as a flashlight to blind ghosts. The player gets the upgrades removed again after the levels.


A special feature of the game mechanics is that not only the character is controlled, but the player is also actively involved in the action. They can look around freely in the virtual environment, discover hidden switches and mechanisms or secret paths and thus intervene in what is happening, for example by using their own body to destroy a wall or to intercept an approaching soccer ball with a header.Lead developer Nicolas Doucet sums up the possibilities offered by the free control system of the PlayStation VR set in an interview: “You can discover places that you couldn’t see before. And this element of discovery, even if it is only a few centimeters to be able to see behind a platform, becomes a central game mechanic. “


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