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Batman: Arkham City is an action-adventure video game released in 2011 developed by Rocksteady Studios. It is the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum which was released in 2009. Both games are based on the DC Comics superhero Batman; The game is produced by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

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Story of Batman Arkham City Xbox 360:

When the game starts, Bruce Wayne holds a press conference to declare his opposition to the creation of Arkham City. A group of TYGER mercenaries interrupts the conference to arrest Wayne and imprison him in Arkham City. Hugo Strange reveals his knowledge of Wayne’s dual identity as Batman, before leaving him with the rest of the criminal population. As Strange prepares to start “Protocol 10”, Wayne obtains his equipment thanks to an airdrop performed by Alfred Pennyworth, which allows him to become Batman. First save Catwoman from being executed by Two-Face, who hopes to gain respect for murdering her. After Joker unsuccessfully attempts to kill Catwoman – by shooting her from a nearby tower – Batman tracks him down to his hideout in the Sionis Foundry, believing that he may know the truth behind “Protocol 10”.

Catwoman for her part goes to her apartment to take some thief gadgets and arrives at Poison Ivy’s lair but she receives her violence for not having taken care of her plants before.

Once there, Batman discovers that the unstable properties of the Titan formula (used in Batman: Arkham Asylum ) are causing mutations in the blood of the Joker, who is increasingly close to death. Batman is captured and Joker performs a blood transfusion on him, infecting him with the same fatal disease. He then reveals to her that Gotham hospitals have been poisoned with his infected blood. Desperate to save himself and the innocent citizens, Batman searches for Mr. Freeze, who was developing a cure until he was kidnapped by the Penguin.


The gameplay of Batman Arkham City Xbox 360:

Arkham City, like its predecessor Arkham Asylum, is an open-world action video game that incorporates elements of infiltration and attack tactics. Some of the gadgets obtained in the previous game will be available at the beginning of Arkham City, most of them will be endowed with new and improved capabilities; for example, the crypto sequencer can now also track radio signals. Also added to Batman’s tools are the famous smoke bombs, used to confuse rivals. The game also incorporates more puzzle elements; the use of detective mode of Batman that highlights both the skeletons of the adversaries and clues on the screen, and that is also used for skill activities such as finding out the whereabouts of snipers, among others. The player also has access to a criminal database; This one keeps track of most of the villains in town. Rocksteady’s artistic director stated that Detective Mode will be changed to Augmented Reality Mode, as they had encountered players who had completed the game with Detective Mode all along. Also, optional Riddler challenges are present to collect the hidden trophies placed throughout the city, but it requires an additional effort to get these, such as the interrogations of the men loyal to Enigma, unlike the previous title where you had to obtain a detailed map of the areas where the challenges and trophies.

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