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Batman: Arkham City is a 2011 published video game for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, macOS, and Wii U. It is the direct successor of the game Batman: Arkham Asylum and, like this one, belongs to the action-adventure genre. The publisher is Warner Bros. Interactive, the game was developed by Rocksteady Studios in collaboration with DC Comics.

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Story of Batman Arkham City Xbox 360:

The action takes place 18 months after that of the predecessor. Quincy Sharp, in Batman: Arkham Asylum, still head of the institution that gives it its name, is now mayor of Gotham City. Because of the destruction of large parts of the Arkham Asylum and the Blackgate Prison, he had parts of the city cordoned off on Hugo Strange’s initiative and criminals and the mentally ill were brought there. This sealed-off part of the city is referred to as Arkham City, based on the mental hospital. The establishment has gotten out of hand, however, and the Joker, Two-Face and the Penguin fight with their supporters for supremacy in the prison city . Bruce Wayne gives a speech at the Arkham City entrance calling for the facility to be closed. However, he is interrupted and arrested by a unit of the security company Tyger, which is also responsible for securing Arkham City. He is taken to Arkham City and shown to Hugo Strange. Strange knows of Wayne’s dual identity as Batman and tries to blackmail him with it. Wayne is eventually left to the imprisoned gangsters and falls into the hands of the penguin and his followers. However, he escapes and reaches his ally Barbara Gordon and his butler Alfred Pennyworth via radio, who can send him Batman’s suit and equipment with a drone.


Batman tracks down Two-Face, who has Catwoman under his control, in the former courthouse. He is able to free her and then goes in search of the Joker, who is rumored to be suffering from an incurable disease. He eventually finds the Joker in a former steel mill but is overwhelmed and knocked unconscious by Harley Quinn. When Batman comes to, the Joker explains to him that he was actually consumed by the Titan consumed during the events in Arkham Asylumsuffered a serious illness that will soon kill him. He has now infected Batman as well and has also shoved his blood to hospitals across Gotham City, where it is used in numerous transfusions. The Joker releases Batman to get the cure from Mr. Freeze.

The gameplay of Batman Arkham City Xbox 360:

The basic game mechanics of the predecessor have been retained and only improved in detail. As before, the course of the game alternates between beat-’em-up and stealth passages as well as the use of various pieces of equipment. The detective mode is known from the first part, which gives the player an “X-ray view”, which has also been expanded. The area available in the game is about five times larger than that in Arkham Asylum and also designed in an open-world architecture.

The actual main story only makes up about a third of the entire game. The rest is made up of side missions in Arkham City; the Riddler challenges known from Arkham Asylum, in which the player has to solve small puzzles or collect question mark statuettes; as well as a separate storyline with Catwoman as a playable character, two more with Robin and Nightwing followed as downloadable content. The Beat-’em-up and Stealth challenges, which can be played independently of the main game, have been taken over from Arkham Asylum, each in a single room or section.

With the download content “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” a separate story followed, which is designed as a sequel. Arkham City has both a stereoscopic and anaglyph 3D effect. 


Development Batman Arkham City Xbox 360:

The first trailer for a sequel to Arkham Asylum was shown in December 2009, shortly after the game was released. In the course of 2010 and 2011 further trailers and press releases were published regularly, which informed about game scenes, story elements and characters contained. In August 2010, the game’s title, Batman: Arkham City, was announced. The release was finally set for October 2011.

The first day of sale in Europe was October 21, 2011, in North America, the title was published three days earlier, Japan followed on November 23. In addition to the standard version of the game, a Steelbook and a Collector’s Edition were released in Europe. In addition to the actual game, the Collector’s Edition includes a Batman statuette, an artbook, the downloadable soundtrack, a Blu-ray disc with the animated film Batman: Gotham Knight, and downloadable content. A music CD for the game was also released on the WMG sub-label WaterTower Records. The British studio Feral Interactive published on 13 December 2012, the Mac version of Arkham City.

From 2011 to early 2015, a five-part comic series was released under the title Batman: Arkham City, which revolves around the game’s history. Authors were among others. Paul Dini , Derek Fridolfs and Karen Traviss .


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