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I say this briefly because this game is basically a story, I just wanted to get rid of his suddenness, the only experience you can feel is that you will allow him to test the Rockham universe at Rocksteady. Face small Screens that appear small on the screen are large. It is now a VR cliche, but you will not believe the difference until you see Oswald Cabelon in the eye.

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At the same time, the whole type of game is a very simple thing and most of your moves and communications with the world just don’t fit a character like Batman. What I like most about Arkham is how Batman moves when I control him in battle and secretly. He makes me feel like a ninja master. But here Batman teleports from place to place (which is more or less common in VR games), but when he moves, he’s as blocky as I am. Even though my hand was Batman’s, no one could strike. The only live battles take place without your participation, so the lack of interactivity is frustrating.

Using all three tools is fun in minutes. Take the Batarang, scanner, and pistol from your belt and point them in the direction of the shot or throw, as Batman did. It is very nice to understand that they communicate very accurately only with very specific things, and the inhabitants of Batarango have crazy automatic objectives that cannot be lost but cannot be lost until they have taken a general direction. target. Alfred’s face also didn’t last when he was repeatedly shot with a grapefruit gun. The appeal of the gadget is running out fast.

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