Best Kinect Games Xbox 360 Rent in Egypt,

Kinect is a line of motion detection input device released by Microsoft and first released in 2010. This technology includes a set of devices originally developed by PrimeSense, including RGB cameras, projectors, and infrared detectors that show depth using structured light or flight time. calculations. and a set of microphones, as well as Microsoft software and artificial intelligence that allow the device to perform real-time delay recognition, voice recognition, and body skeletal recognition for four people, among other features. This allows Kinect to act as a natural, hands-free interface device for communicating with a computer system. Kinect is a peripheral that sits at the top of the user’s screen like a webcam.

Fighter Within :

Fighter Within is a fighting game for Xbox One developed and distributed by Ubisoft that uses the Kinect to fight. The movement of the characters in the game is linked to the real movement of the players, capturing their movements through Kinect, each movement made in reality by the player corresponds to an action in the game. The game was released on November 22, 2013. 

12 different fighters are included in Fighter Within, each with different special attacks.

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Kinect Adventures – Xbox 360:

Kinect Adventures! is a fitness game developed by Good Science Studio and published by Microsoft Game Studios in 2010 exclusively for the Xbox 360. It is a collection of five adventure and sports mini-games designed for the Kinect motion control camera, which can be purchased as an accessory for the Xbox 360.

Released in one package with the console and the Kinect, the game, similar to Wii Sports, became the best-selling Xbox 360 game, with over 24 million units sold worldwide.

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Just Dance 2016 (Xbox 360):

As with previous installments in the series, players must simulate the on-screen ballerina choreography for a selected song using the motion controls or the game-related Just Dance Controller smartphone app. Added a new “super” rating between “good” and “excellent”.  The Dance Lab mode features mixed choreography with a variety of activities and animals, and the new Kids Mode is designed to give young players a unique choreography and play experience.

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