Blood and Truth PS VR Price in Egypt

Truth & Blood is a computer game in the genre of the shooter from the first person, developed by SIE London Studio by publishing the Sony Entertainment’s Interactive has. The game was released on May 28, 2019, for the PlayStation 4

If you want to play Blood and Truth PS VR today you can rent them by 60 EGP in a week. 

The gameplay of Blood and Truth PS VR:

The player takes control of the former special forces soldier Ryan Marks, whose main goal is to save his family from the London crime boss. Players can hide behind cover and find various weapons. Players can also interact with surrounding objects.


Development of Blood and Truth PS VR:

Initially, it was supposed that the game would become part of The Getaway series. The developers based the plot on the classic Hollywood blockbuster. The game was officially announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment at Paris Games Week. Was released for virtual reality PlayStation VR on 28 May 2019.


Story of blood and Truth PS VR:


The game starts with Ryan Marks being interrogated by agent Carson, who explains his situation. During interrogation, flashbacks show events that occurred before the interrogation.

Ryan enters the building and rescues his soldier Deacon, and the two escape from the building before Ryan is informed that his father has died of a heart attack. Ryan is sent home to London and is picked up by his brother Nick from the airport. After the funeral, Ryan meets up with his mother Anne, but they are then interrupted by a gunfight and the family is confronted by Tony Sharp, the London crime boss, Kayla, the woman who allegedly works for Tony and kills one of Anne’s bodyguards, and Tony Keach’s brother.

Keach keeps the family at gunpoint, but Nick tricks him into thinking that the safety is on. At this point, Michelle and Nick grab Keach and knock him out, then the family escapes to their hidden safe house.

The family then discovers that Tony will be at their private casino, and Ryan volunteers to infiltrate the casino and kill Tony, although Anne reluctantly agrees to the plan.

Ryan successfully infiltrates the casino but discovers that Tony is not in the building and is in his art gallery, but Keach still stays behind and tracks him down to his hotel room. Equipping the casino with bombs, Ryan confronts Keach and chases him through the building. Once he stops Keach, Ryan asks him where Tony is, but Keech doesn’t know where he is. Keach was then suddenly killed by an armored guard, and Ryan managed to escape and blow up the casino with the bombs he had set up.

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