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Blood & Truth is a virtual reality – the first-person shooter of the English game developer YOU London studio, the exclusively for May 29, 2019, PlayStation 4 appears. the requirement is the possession of the head-mounted displays of PlayStation VR. The character of the protagonist Ryan Marks is controlled with two motion controllers or, alternatively, the DualShock 4. Blood & Truth was first announced at Paris Games Week 2017.

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Story of Blood and Truth PS VR:


The story takes place in the criminal underworld of modern London. The player takes on the role of Ryan Marks, an elite Special Forces soldier whose family was kidnapped by a dangerous gangster boss.


The gameplay of Blood and Truth PS VR:

In Blood & Truth is a first-person shooter in which the player selects a button in one direction and moves as a cover to the next. Equipped with an arsenal of different weapons, such as shotgun, pistol, or machine gun, the player defends himself against attacking opponents. The playing figure is controlled with two motion controllers, with which the two hands of the play figure are controlled separately from each other. Alternatively, input is also possible via the classic DualShock 4 controller of the PlayStation 4, but this only allows limited freedom of movement, as both hands are only controlled as a unit. The game principle is reminiscent of classic rail- or Light Gun shooters with restricted freedom of movement such as Virtua Cop. In addition to exchanges of fire at different locations in London, for example in a casino, parking garage, warehouse, construction site, or in narrow streets, the player must also complete mini-games. For example, explosives should be attached to certain points, surveillance cameras should be used for espionage or locks should be cracked in a game of skill.

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