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Cyberpunk 2077 is a video game developed and published by CD Projekt, which was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on December 10, 2020, and subsequently on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and Google Stadia. Adapted from the tabletop role-playing game Cyberpunk 2020, it is set fifty-seven years later in the dystopian town of Night City, California. It is an open world with six different districts, with a first-person perspective and players take on the role of the customizable character named V, who can improve their stats with experience. V has an arsenal of weapons and options for close combat, which can be modified.

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Story of cyberpunk 2077:

The game begins with the selection of one of the three life paths for player character V ( Gavin Drea or Cherami Leigh): Nomad, Street Child, or Corpo. As a nomad, V leaves his clan and moves to the big city for the first time; As a street kid, V returns home to Night City after a few years living elsewhere; and like Corpo, V is suddenly fired from his job at Arasaka Corporation as a result of his supervisor’s incompetent power play. In the first two paths of life, V befriends local thug Jackie Welles (Jason Hightower), while in the third, Welles is an old friend. All three paths of life converge in the same title sequence, a montage of V and Welles’ various adventures with a net runner, T-Bug.


In 2077, local repairman Dexter DeShawn (Michael-Leon Wooley) hires V and Welles to steal a mysterious biochip known as the Arasaka Corporation Relic. After acquiring the Relic, their plan goes awry when they become inadvertent witnesses to the murder of the megacorporation leader, Saburo Arasaka (Masane Tsukayama), at the hands of his treacherous son Yorinobu Arasaka (Hideo Kimura). Yorinobu covers up the murder claiming that his father had been poisoned and triggers a security raid, in which T-Bug is killed by Arasaka’s net runners. A firefight breaks out as V and Welles escape, Welles is fatally injured, the Relic’s protective sleeve is badly damaged, and V is forced to save the Relic by inserting the biochip into the cyberwar on his own head.


DeShawn is furious at the unwanted police attention. He shoots V in the head and leaves them for dead in a landfill. V wakes up haunted by the digital ghost of the iconic rock star, Johnny Silverhand ( Keanu Reeves ), who is believed to have died in 2023 during an attempted thermonuclear attack on the Arasaka Tower. V learns from his ripper doc Viktor Vector (Michael Gregory) that DeShawn’s bullet activated nanotechnology in the chip, resurrecting them, but beginning an irreversible process in which Silverhand’s memories and personality will overwrite his own. The chip cannot be removed, and V only has a few weeks to live, so they look for a way to remove Silverhand and survive.


Gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077:

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Cyberpunk 2077 is a first-person role-playing video game. Every aspect of the player is customizable. 

Set in the open world in the city of Night City, California, the video game features characters who do not speak English. Players who don’t speak the languages ​​can buy translator implants to better understand them; Depending on the advancement of the implants, the quality of the translations will vary, with more expensive implants offering more accurate translations. There will be different endings based on the player’s agency and their choice.  Originally announced for a multiplayer release, CD Projekt later decided to focus on its single-player aspects.  It will have a Photo Mode so that players can immortalize specific scenarios or situations of their characters.

Making of Cyberpunk 2077:

The video game was developed by CD Projekt Red, an internal studio within CD Projekt, using the REDengine video game engine. They launched a new division in Wrocław and partnered with Digital Scapes to assist development. The staff exceeds the number of those who worked on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


During the 2019 E3 event, the official launch date of the video game was declared, and it was also revealed that actor Keanu Reeves would be part of the cast of characters that would have relevance in the course of the video game. These data were presented by the same actor in the presentation of the video game at the E3 event, being the host of the video game event.

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