Demon's Souls Playstation 5 Review

Demon’s Souls is an action / RPG video game developed by the American studio Bluepoint Games in collaboration with SIE Japan Studio and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 5 in November 2020 – simultaneously with the release of this console itself, as part of the launch line games for her. This is a remake of Demon’s Souls (2009), originally developed by the Japanese studio FromSoftware and the first part of the Souls series.

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the gameplay of demon’s souls:


Just like the original game, Demon’s Souls is an action / RPG where the player is invited to explore the world and fight against a variety of opponents. According to the developers, everything that was in the original game is in the remake; the remake, however, adds on top of those new weapons, armor, rings, and new items called “Grains”, which give the player character temporary resistance to effects such as poison, fire, and bleeding. As in the original, the player’s equipment has weight and the heavily loaded character moves more slowly – some aspects of this system have been revised. For example, in the original game, medicinal herbs had no weight, and the player character could carry hundreds of such items; in the remake, they have a weight, and more effective healing items have such a weight that it reasonably limits their number in a character. In one of the new modes called “Fractured World,” all locations are changed to mirrored,


Making of demon’s souls:

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In 2016, Hidetaka Miyazaki, who led the creation of the original Demon’s Souls, said that a remaster or remake of this already noticeably outdated game would be in demand by players, but noted that the intellectual property rights to Demon’s Souls belong to Sony, and also said that he would not want to engage in such a project myself – “I don’t like to look back at my past works”. Bluepoint Games – with the approval of Sony, From Software, and Miyazaki – began the development of the updated Demon’s Souls immediately following the completion of its previous project, Shadow of the Colossus (2018), also a remake of the 2005 game of the same name. Studio SIE Japan Studio, Also participating in the development of the original Demon’s Souls, Bluepoint Games has provided assistance in the creation of a remake. The creative director of the project was Gavin Moore of Japan Studio, best known for his work on Puppeteer. The creators of the remake formulated their main goal as follows: to remain faithful to the original and not change the essence of the game, at the same time modernizing it in terms of technology. Using the original art supplies, music, and level design as the basis, the team wanted to “finalize” the gameplay so that he liked players who are accustomed to modern games.

Releasing of demon’s souls:

According to review aggregator Metacritic, Demon’s Souls are “universally acclaimed”; at the end of 2020, this is the game with the highest average score of the entire Souls series.

Martin Robinson, in a review for Eurogamer, described the game as “a dazzling, luxurious remake” and at the same time “a crown jewel in the PlayStation 5 launch line “, demonstrating the strengths of the console; he emphasized the graphics and sound design of the game, which makes the player believe in the reality of the depicted world, and loyalty to the original from a gameplay point of view


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