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The story of Demon’s Souls:

Its history takes place in the fictional kingdom of Boletaria, in which, although the time in which it is found is not specified, it is concluded that it is in the Middle Ages since it has all its characteristics. Their king, King Allant the twelfth, brought great prosperity to his kingdom by using the power of souls and basing his kingdom on them as a coin. This caused a demon named “The Old Man” to wake up from a deep sleep he was in. The Elder is a demonic being of supposedly unimaginable power for the human being, as related throughout history; It is also said that the god in which the inhabitants of Boletaria believed was him, although the people did not know it. This demon was locked in a nexus supposedly located in the north of Boletaria, where the game begins. As the story progresses, it is populated by some characters that will be rescued in the adventures that we have, which will help us in different ways throughout the story; most will not do it directly, that is, throughout the levels, but by teaching us things like spells and miracles. The central objective of our character will be to kill every demon that remains in the kingdom of Boletaria. These demons collect souls from all living beings to give them to the Elder since he cannot collect them alone due to his confinement in the nexus; It is said that he who loses his soul while alive loses his mind, his memories and his humanity becoming a violent and bloody beast, every time a demon is defeated, his soul can be collected by our character: these are used to learn spells, miracles, and to create weapons, so they will be a fundamental part of the game; once used in any of the previous uses, it will be lost and cannot be returned to the player. Once all the demons are eliminated, the Ancient will make his call to the character unlocking the final event of the game.

Demon's Souls for rent in Egypt by 3anqod

The gameplay of Demon’s Souls:

The game has the possibility of creating your character to your liking by selecting class, physique, name, gender, and with multiple options of facial aesthetics similar to those of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The game is a third-person action RPG. The playability (or gameplay) is based on acquiring “souls” these are acquired by killing enemies at different levels. With a difficulty that is reminiscent of the games of yesteryear like Zelda II on the NES and with the promise that each enemy, no matter how small, is lethal and it is necessary to face him with his own strategy, with weapons and magic to which he is weak. In general, it is a game of patience, observation, and caution due to the traps hidden in the levels. Weapons can be perfected in the game with NPCs, certain enemies will drop pieces of different material used to evolve each weapon, either adding more physical power, certain special characteristics such as inflicting magic damage, increasing magic power regeneration, etc.


Each enemy in the game to be exterminated will grant the player a defined number of souls, these being necessary for everything in the game; from increasing level and characteristics such as vitality, magic power, etc, to the purchase of consumable items such as those that regenerate vitality etc. Therefore the player is constantly going in and out of different worlds in order to collect as many souls as possible. Although it seems simple, it is not, since if they were to kill the player, all the souls that were collected are lost and they are returned to the beginning of the world, in the place where they died there remains a bloodstain with the souls that were lost and you will have to take the same route to try to recover them, with the consequence that if they kill you again when trying to recover them.


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