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The second part of the Dragon Ball XenoVerse DLC continues the Dragon Ball GT theme from the first pack, adding two new characters from the aforementioned animated series. However, as with GT Pack 1, GT Pack 2 is not a simple character add-on: it is another XenoVerse content pack that expands on the current version with new abilities, Z-Souls, and numerous new stories, and optional side missions.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Story:

You can access the missions of the news story from a robot that is again on the stone path that leads to the Nest of Time. The missions will probably take about 30 minutes or so to arrive – maybe even less for more advanced players – but what they lack in duration, they make up for in entertainment. Without spoiling anything in particular, the fights on offer great matches that fans should enjoy, taking on hordes of baddies while teaming up with some of the strongest heroes in the DragonBall universe.

Meanwhile, the new side missions will keep you busy for a while. They are some of the most challenging tasks yet, but the rewards they offer make it worth the effort. Speaking of which, there are a ton of new abilities to unlock and equip, and seasoned Time Patrollers will no doubt find a way to incorporate some of them into their favorite moves.

New things in Dragon Ball Xenoverse:

Moving away from the GT theme, the pack also includes playable versions of Mira and Towa, two of the antagonists from the main story. Both are fun to use, with Mira slashing a powerful physique figure and Towa flaunting various super twisted moves – but it’s a shame that two mainstream personalities have been added via premium DLC.

Besides the grips, GT Pack 2 is another worthwhile investment for XenoVerse fans. It’s true that it’s more of the same, but the DLC is still a good excuse to get back into the colorful fight, and alongside the GT Pack 1, it’s starting to look like the title’s season pass has been worth the money.

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