FIFA 16 on Xbox 360 Price Rent in Egypt

FIFA 16  is the twenty-third football game in the FIFA series, released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, Android and iOS.

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The gameplay of FIFA 16 Xbox 360:

Women’s football 

For the first time in the history of the series, women’s football appeared. In FIFA 16 available for women national teams of Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy, and Mexico. Women’s teams can only play against each other in the Match Day mode, in offline tournaments and online friendly matches. New animations of running, face, and hair was recorded for football players. The game also featured exclusive moves and play styles for such footballers as Christina Sinclair (Canada), Alex Morgan (USA), and Stephanie Houghton (England).


Graphics of FIFA 16 Xbox 360:

In FIFA 16, there were minor graphics improvements: the game made new skin textures, continued experiments with light, improved lighting in the evening and weather – a slight fog appeared. Also in the game appeared the disappearing referee spray. The game now has an authentic design of the German Bundesliga matches, as well as in real broadcasts. Also added new weather conditions, a total of 9 options are available. In addition to the sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snowy weather that was present in FIFA 15, there will be “cloudy”, “partly cloudy”, “fog”, “torrential rains” of varying intensity, and “squall wind”.

Since this season, EA Sports has signed a three-year contract with Real Madrid, and FIFA 16 has updated 3D face scans of 14 popular players on the team, including Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez, Luca Modric, and Karim Benzema. In total, about 450 players’ faces have been added and updated in the game.

More than 25 new features have been introduced into the physical model of the movement of defenders. Defensive players in FIFA 16 act more consistently and intelligently in their positions, covering dangerous spots and guarding opposing players. New basic feints have appeared – various tackles, deceiving movements, and body cover.

The game mode has been added Coach FIFA (FIFA Trainer), which will be given tips during the game appearing on the active player’s head. If you are out of the ball, the game will tell you what options are there for tackling if you are with the ball, they will show you how to pass or make a cross, from simple prompts the “coach” gradually moves on to complex ones, such as feints and twisted shots.

The career of FIFA 16 Xbox 360:

Pre-season friendly tournaments have appeared in the career mode, it is possible to take part in three out of nine possible tournaments held in Asia, Europe, Latin, and North America. During the season, it became possible to train players between matches to improve their performance. Each week, you can select up to five players from the squad and give them various training tasks. During friendlies, the number of substitutions is not limited. The short-term lease period for players from other teams has been increased from three to six months, with the possibility of leasing for two seasons 

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