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The FIFA series has been successful with the game since the 1990s when video games were still popular. At the same time, with almost a game a year since then, these franchise titles are always trying to provide news to be attractive and stand out.

In 2020, we launch FIFA 21, which provides some news, although practically the same “engine” as seen in previous titles. Still, the game has room for some welcome news and Olhar Digital hopes to follow what you think.

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1- Game Mode:

If so, FIFA has invested in the latest version, which is already in “game mode” ready for players to take advantage of the title. Therefore, FIFA 21 is offered by those who like fast games to those who want to manage content and compete online.

2- Way back:

The popular game mode in FIFA is called Volta, which is reminiscent of the now-lost FIFA Way, which was a huge success with its street football, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube races. That’s right, This mode, unlike traditional games, produces more arcade games and is suitable for those looking for fast and inexpensive entertainment that is not realistic.

When going through different scenarios, your team can have up to 5 players, and some games don’t even have goalkeepers. In general, this game mode is quite fun, as marking and dribbling someone is very easy, but it is not without its flaws. Here, for example, unlike what we see in traditional matches, the artificial intelligence of the teams is not the best.

He has a short story that can be completed in a matter of hours and some players are engaged in activities like Kriti or Henry. The story is real, not overly creative, but fun enough to inspire. Then you and your friends will be invited to the Local Bike Racing and you can surprise your organization and play the biggest race in other cities in the world.

3- The final agenda of the team:

The final team approach for those who want to spend more time on the game and get competitive Then, like the credit card system, you create a team with other players whose low technical level is low. So you can hire new players by playing games played online and offline

When it comes to playing online here, Pefa 21 is also smart to put yourself out of the match to find out what level of player you should be up against. What’s New: With the redesigned menu, you can now invite a friend to play the game, making the game a little more enjoyable overall.

4-Career Mode:

Another way that FIFA has long been successful is with Karera, which also has some new features in this version. Instead of playing or practicing so far, you can simply simulate the results.

The person who is tired of controlling their players in Career Mode also wants to know that they can now become a “fuller coach”. For example, you can set and players can change the status

5-New Story:

This is a big change in FIFA, and it affects the pace of the game, not the game – this is its new storyline. Now the main narrator of FIFA 21 is Gustavo Villani, who, along with Kyo Ribeiro and another journalist, described it more naturally than in the final version of the game.

By bringing some of his catches, Villani is actually in contact with the game and the players, for example commenting on his created “player” and asking if he would just go over with the press to keep more fuel on the fire. Not only that, but the criticism he makes when you play poorly is messy and stable.

Great gameplay, but with some laptops

One of FIFA’s strengths has always been its ability to play, and although I didn’t have a “deep” relationship with the show for a while, I quickly adapted to the game. Usually, those who play FIFA 21 for a short time will never know the news, but there are indeed some improvements.

In it, for example, the advisor has added more ways to manage the “two players” over time. Thus, with a simple button, you can send the player a run that will allow him to shoot and deliver the ball to him.

Another thing I found more challenging about this version of FIFA is that you need to use a “right angle” to quickly cut and trigger buttons or other combinations. Of course, defenders and other opponents are more “connected” than other versions, and “artistic football” is not always effective.


Or FIFA 21 continues to offer a great experience to its players, mainly due to the diversity of modes presented. Although it does not bring any new mode, the great truth is that the existing modes have been greatly improved and many of their weaknesses have been corrected.

In terms of gameplay, Fifa 21 innovates a bit and, as in the modes, you do not risk so much. I would like artificial intelligence to be a little better at least on defense, as I noticed flaws at this point both as a player and against the computer. And finally, the last part where I would like to see improvements is about teams and championships in Brazil, although this does not depend only on the developer of the game, since it involves licenses and other negotiations.

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