Fifa Soccer 13 on Xbox 360 Price in Egypt

FIFA 13 is a soccer video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. It came out on 25 and September 27 , 2012on PC , PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 , Nintendo 3DS , PlayStation Portable , PlayStation Vita , PlayStation 2 , Wii and Wii U . It is the nineteenth game in the FIFA Football franchise and at the same time the sequel to FIFA 12.

New things in Fifa Soccer 13 on Xbox 360: 

Intelligent Attack:

 The new intelligent position provides attackers with the ability to analyze the game, and see the best position to create new attack opportunities. Attackers will try harder and better to outrun defenders, knock them out of position and open up new passing options for their teammates. In addition, players possess an off-the-ball vision and the ability to think through multiple plays to create, double, or alter the run and exploit gaps.


Versatile dribbling:

makes every touch have complete control of the ball. Dribble past defenders with the freedom to be more creative in attack. Players will have more explosive acceleration on the ball and will be able to dribble more precisely with 360 ° ball mobility when facing a defender. Face an opponent and threaten by moving the ball from side to side avoiding tackles, or protect the ball and thus keep the defender at a greater distance.


First-touch control:

 the new system eliminates perfect first-touch control from all players creating uncertainty when they receive difficult balls. Bad passes will be more difficult to control, allowing defenders to take advantage of bad controls. Factors such as defensive pressure, ball trajectory, and passing speed will affect a player’s success. Players with better controls and skills will stand out. Now there will be fewer perfect passes, a greater chance of losing balls, and a better balance between defense and attack.


Player Impact Engine 2.0:

The second generation of the famed physics engine expands to off-the-ball fights, giving defenders more tools to regain possession of the ball. Defenders can use their body to wrestle and gain position and use their size and weight to force the opponent to control poorly and have to decide before the ball arrives.


Rehearsed Set Pieces:

 Create dangerous and unpredictable fouls by placing three players behind the ball and fooling the opponent with shot threats, more passing options, and elaborate fouls. The opponent can counter by adding or removing players from the barrier, advancing the barrier, or causing a player to come out like a bullet to intercept the pass or shot.


New Passing: 

Two new passing options give the player the skill and subtlety of passing the ball over the defender’s outstretched leg or drawing a pumped pass into space or to a teammate.



 Essential elements have been adjusted to make the experience more authentic. The referees will make better decisions with fouls and cards, the goalkeeper will have improved intelligence and the tactical defense is added lateral mobility to contain the players. Additionally, new animations have been added for unbalanced player shots, 180 ° shots, and celebrations.



 more than 500 officially licensed teams and more than 15,000 players.

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