GTA Episodes From Liberty City Review by 3anqod

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gta episodes from liberty city review

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City is a mix of two 2008 Grand Theft Auto IV open pack series. “Lost and Destiny” and Gay Tony Ballad videos released on Xbox 360 in 2009 As part of two of Microsoft’s special interests. Both extensions were later released on PlayStation 3 and Windows in 2010.

Like the first Grand Theft Auto IV, both additions are based on the 2008 City of Freedom. Each addition adds new themes, including missions, weapons, vehicles, and action-related aspects, and adds to the beauty. Characters from Liberty City are ready to coordinate the action of the main game, after the new heroes their stories were linked to Niko Belic, the hero of GTA IV.

The Liberty City division may purchase statistics in addition to the original game or group game. If you download it online, you’ll need to play the original GTA IV game, but you won’t need it if you use the Liberty City game components instead. In the first chapter, small changes appear on the main map of the game to change some of the buildings, and the theme supports more.

Both groups were criticized for suggesting tactics and how the changes were related to the start of the game, although the stories and legends received many critically acclaimed reviews and comparisons long before the game. From 2009 December. Less than 160,000 copies of the product were sold

Tips GTA Episodes From Liberty City:

  • When we started the GTA generation, we used the NES ballad about Goni Tony. Look at the map on the radar and prepare every step, especially with APC!
  • Learn how to drop nearby bombs from traffic. They give you distance and weapon speed. Try dropping a nearby bomb on a parked car.
  • Look for and save dead spots between health and allies in our events. Allows you to collect health and ammunition when defeating enemies.
  • Set the waypoint to another body while driving. This is especially useful for witness protection regimes. This allows the driver to focus on the road.
  • Parachutes work in our favor in the game. Go to the roof of the building to expand the space. This not only gives you a good look for action but also makes it harder for the enemy to use weapons against you.
  • If the enemy follows you and he wants to shoot, order, capture, or leave the blanket. Your player name will be lost and you will be cut off.

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