Hitman PS4 Review by 3anqod,Hitman Game of the Year Edition review

The last chapter of IO’s “Global Tide” strategy, which began with Hitman in 2016, is even more positive. If you’ve already covered Hitman, you know that Balmain Hitman 3 is no longer alive again, especially in the last five years. Definition and control are changing in terms of durability and efficiency. Weapons are not the same thing as objects. The popular Hitman 3 camera is a camera that can be used to hack or analyze transitions and objects. It’s good, but it doesn’t change the game enough.

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The real power of Hitman 3 can be found on their maps. Hitman is the sixth most powerful and understandable character in the series, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. Things started well in Dubai with 47 parachutes and the tallest buildings in the world, but this time they passed. The next mission was a map of the Ford Manor concrete building, and the main plot of 47 people went to the English town of Manor, where police were forcibly killed by a target who was killed to clear the art. From there, he wanted to show a big German show for the public chat room, build the airspace and twenty-four times in the corner, twenty-four times in the middle of a crowd of people in the fall, but not in the fall corners. Engle wanted to open it. , Changqing combines light, sunlight, and rainbow for the intensive operation of the Neon Lights 47 series. The next place the Argentine vineyard reminded me of the beautiful black area of ​​the vintage air map, which is huge. And the result is great, unlike the Hitman mission now, and I hope it’s not bad for you.

It’s hard to talk in detail about these places without going out and seeing new places that you may not know, but the truth is that this atmosphere is extremely interesting and surprising. Where are the cards? ISO – When I stand in front of the tallest building in the world with the thought of anger, I refuse to address the murder problem, but I have to say that the killing of Hitman 3 was the most fun and tragic event. The funny thing is that more than that, I never won. , Yes, there are many memories of this murder, but they are easily made by themselves. 

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