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Released in 2010, the series includes five small adventure and sports games created by Good Science Studios, a Microsoft Studios company. The game uses the Kinect motion camera and was presented as a closed game with a console. The game was unveiled at the 2010 e-entertainment show and became the best-selling Xbox 360 game with 24 million units sold worldwide.


The gameplay of Kinect Adventures:

games, all of which include multiplayer jump-jump. Each mini-game lasts about three minutes. While most Reflex Ridge mini-games work in two-player mode, it is a competitive game. The game also supports Xbox Live multiplayer. In many parts of the game, the Kinect RGB camera took a picture that was shown to the player (s) and stored on the storage device. These can then be viewed in the game, by uploading them to a private repository on that is now down and downloaded to a computer or uploaded to social media sites.


The goal of all mini-games is to get the most number of adventure pins, which are collected in different ways. Adventure pins earn player (s) medals that affect progress in story mode. Medals can be bronze, silver, gold, and platinum to get at least most of the pins needed to get each.

Kinect Adventure! As a game package, it also includes features that help users set up and use the Kinect sensor correctly.




20,000 leaks:

20,000 leaks in an underwater glass cube. Players place their limbs and heads in a way that connects the cracks, like crabs, fish, and heads such as sharks and swordfish cause the cube to crack and puncture. As the difficulty increases, you must have a maximum of five simultaneous leaks to get the adventure pins. Each game consists of three waves that end with the expiration time or all leaks. The extra time remaining at the end of each wave is added to the total adventure pin. The name refers to Jules Verne’s novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Rush River:

In River Rush, one or two players stand in a boat and work together to collect adventure pins scattered throughout the winding rapids. The boat is controlled by stepping left or right to steer, and by jumping to jump the boat. There are many hidden places that players can access by ramping. There are significantly more adventure spots than the river. Hitting barrels, sticks, markers or quick markers keeps the player from losing points but keeps it just like the game.

Rally Ball:

The Rally Ball is a breakout clone, but it is also similar to handball. Players use their limbs and heads to hit the blocks and targets at the end of the virtual corridor. When specific targets are hit, the ball splits into several balls that can be controlled simultaneously. Each game consists of three rounds, each with a different set of blocks and goals. Rounds end when time runs out or all blocks and targets disappear. The extra time remaining at the end of each round is added to the total adventure pin.

Reflex Ridge:

Reflex Ridge is an athletics-inspired game, but it takes place on a moving platform in an environment resembling a wooden roller or mini-card. One or two players (on a split screen) compete on a platform, jump over obstacles, get away from obstacles, and purge to prevent their heads from hitting the lower poles. Jumping in place makes the platform move faster along its rails. Adventure pins are earned by avoiding obstacles or touching obstacles that are scattered throughout the course. If players end up with scams, banknotes, and obstacles, or touch obstacles that are scattered throughout, they will not win. The game is timed with extra time added to the total adventure pin at the end of the course.

Space Fun:

In Space Pop, there are clear balls (soap bubbles) between holes in the walls, floors, and ceilings of a virtual room with zero shuttle gravity. Players try to get adventure pins by touching the bubbles. Space pop uses depth to force players to move toward and away from the sensor. To move up, players can fold their arms, and to stay at their current height, players can hold their arms to their sides.

If you want to play Kinect Adventures today you can rent them by 42 EGP in a week.

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