Logitech G29 PS4 Review By 3anqod, Logitech G29 PS4 rent in egypt

The steering wheel is a mix of iron, aluminum, and leather, with a sleek design and plastic parts that are used to hold the steering wheel, the clamping mechanism sometimes looks poor and the leather is out of place in some corners, but the overall design is nice. and comfortable to use. The device must be connected to a power source and USB directly to the device, the length of the cables is sufficient even if the gaming device is a little far away. It is compatible with Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 was tested with the computer, the steering wheel includes all the main Playstation buttons and the lack of a touchpad can sometimes cause obstacles in some games. use it

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Trueforce technology has many of the characteristics of this school, the technology aims to simulate a car tunnel with reality, matching the physical characteristics and sounds of the game, creating a vibration on the steering wheel and the floor to create the feeling perceptible from the player. . In the car. The technology is nice and provides more realism, for example, when you go off the track and drive on hard grass or sand, you feel a different response from the steering wheel that reflects the movement of the car, how different it is compared to the so-called carpooling. others. and normal speed. It is worth noting that this feature, which is currently limited to GT Sport, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Snowrunner, GRID 2019, only works with games that support it. If you are using school-age children who do not support this feature, you should feel great. The difference in driving The steering wheel works well with games, but the game that Trueforce supports has very different levels of realism and simulation.


Logitech has also improved the function of the pedal and made it more precise and responsive than before, similar to the sensitivity of the pedals to a real car, as it responds to the pressure exerted by the foot in various variations, from heel to toe. tip. The precision of the pedals is really excellent and the quality of the pedals used or the surrounding headstock is very good.


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