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Mafia: Definitive Edition  – a computer game in the genre action-adventure and shooter in the third person, which is a remake of the game by Mafia: of The City of Lost Heaven of. The remake was developed by the studio Hangar 13, which developed Mafia III. Like the original, the game takes place in the fictional city of Lost Heaven ( Eng.  Of Lost Heaven ), and the main character is a taxi driver Tommy Angelo has become a gangster in one of the mafia gangs in the city. Mafia: Definitive Edition Brought several original improvements to the story and gameplay of the original, and also recreated the setting of Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven from scratch.


The remake was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 25, 2020. The game is sold as part of the collection Mafia: Trilogy, which includes re-releases of Mafia II and Mafia III, or separately. Mafia: Definitive Edition has received positive reviews from critics and gamers alike – the graphics, the preservation of the original storyline, and the open world of the 1930s are highly praised.

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The gameplay of Mafia Definitive Edition:

As in the original game in 2002, a remake of the plot takes place in the 1930s in the fictional American city of Lost Heaven ( Eng.  Of Lost Heaven ), now located in the state of Illinois, and tells the story of Thomas Angelo – an ordinary taxi driver who was forced and unexpectedly himself becomes a member of one of the two powerful mafia gangs in the city, competing with each other. At the same time, the game expands the original plot One example of plot expansion is in-game dialogues. In the original game, the heroes hardly talked to each other outside the cutscenes, while in the remake, each trip is accompanied by conversations that further reveal the characters’ characters. In one scene, the client indicates the nationality of the hero (he is Italian ) – this in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven was not.


Mafia: Definitive Edition is a completely new game from the ground up, so it has completely new gameplay and extended story, although missions and gameplay features from the original have been carried over to the remake. As in the 2002 game, players control Tommy Angelo throughout Mafia: Definitive Edition. A distinctive feature of the remake is the presence of motorcycles, which were not in the Mafia series before.


Development of Mafia Definitive Edition:

May 10, 2020, the official page of the series Mafia on Twitter published a message consisting of the word “Family” ( Engl.  The Family ). Given that it was the first report, published on the page of the past two years, it has caused a stir in the community of fans of the series and the media. Soon on the same page, there are two other posts, respectively, of the words “Power” ( Engl.  The Power ) and “Respect” ( Engl.  Respect ), and then, 13 May 2020, it was announced that the development of the collection by Mafia: of Trilogy. Same-day in the Microsoft Store there was a leak of information, according to which it became known that the main part of the collection will be a new game in the series – Mafia: Definitive Edition, developed by Hangar 13, the author of Mafia III, as a remake of the first game. At the same time, the game’s publisher, 2K, announced that the remake was being developed on an updated version of the Illusion Engine, previously used in Mafia II and Mafia III, but later representatives of the Hangar studio 13 stated that the game is being created on a new unknown studio engine. However, later it turned out that the game was made on the Mafia Engine  – previously called the Illusion Engine, but modified by the Hangar 13 studio. The composer Jesse Harlin took part in the creation of the game – he was the composer of Mafia III before the release of the remake. In an interview, he said that the plot and characters will remain much the same as in the original game. Initially, the release of the game for PC (Windows), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One was scheduled for August 28, 2020, but was later postponed to September 25, 2020.

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