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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is the 16th part of the computer racing game series Need for Speed published by Electronic Arts and was released on November 16, 2010, in the USA and on November 18, 2010, in Europe for Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, as well as for the Wii. This part was first developed by Criterion Games. The game is the sequel to Need for Speed: Shift.

The gameplay of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit:


The gameplay of this part is very similar to that of Need for Speed ​​III: Hot Pursuit. There is no more tuning and the routes are mostly in sparsely populated areas. In contrast to Need for Speed ​​III, however, there are no individual routes, but all routes form the fictional Seacrest County. As a result, all tracks are fictional and, unlike in Shift, are not reconstructed real race tracks. Because the races take place on normal roads, the police are also involved again. As in Need for Speed ​​III, the player can decide which side to race on before each race. Depending on this, the goals also change. As a driver in the illegal races, the goal is to get into the top three. As a police officer, the goal is to stop the drivers of the illegal races by destroying their cars. Depending on how well it does, the player receives more or less bounty. This unlocks new cars and racing events when the limits are set. In addition to the pursuit races, there are also time trials and standard races where there is no police.


Another innovation are the weapons that both the speeders and the police have at their disposal. There are six different weapons, two of which can be used by both razors and police officers. These are an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and nail bands. An EMP slows down other cars and easily damages them. A nail band also brings a car to a standstill as the tires are destroyed. Two additional weapons are only available to razors and police officers. Roadblocks and the calling of a helicopter, which independently throws nail strips in front of the razors after the call, are only accessible to the police. The only weapons accessible to speeders are the turbo and the jammer. The turbo accelerates a vehicle to an extremely high speed and thus helps to leave enemy vehicles behind or to accelerate again quickly after an accident. The jamming transmitter deactivates existing nail strips and EMP target locks and also prevents the further use of weapon systems. Also it is now possible in games,

The game has a dynamic day-and-night change. Another new feature is the so-called Autolog system. This continuously checks the records of virtual friends and announces them if necessary so that they can be beaten.

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