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Need for Speed: Payback ( Rus. Need for Speed: The Reckoning ) – a computer game series Need for Speed in the genre of arcade racing, Developed by Ghost Games is. The game was released on November 10, 2017, by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, as well as for personal computers running Windows. The official distributor in Russia is the SoftKlab company.

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Need For Speed Payback

The gameplay of Need For Speed Payback:

Need for Speed: Payback is a 3D arcade racing game focused on street racing . The action takes place in the city of Fortune Valley, through which freedom of movement is provided, and there is also a change of time of day. The game has a system of trophies and achievements.

While driving around the city, you can find icons of different types of competitions, such as normal race, off-road race, drifting, drag, crime missions, and others. Cash and new cars can be won in races . There are ten street leagues in the game, each of which has its own races, tasks, and participants. After completing all the races and tasks in each league, a competition opens with the boss, who is the leader of the league. During some races, missions, or when caught on bait in the form of spare parts for cars and other things in the city, the player starts up in pursuit of the police. As the game progresses, faster and more powerful cars will be used by police officers, including rhino vans, which knock the intruder’s car out of the way with a head-on collision, and a helicopter, which follows the progress of the chase and uses a remote device to stop the intruder’s engine. To avoid the chase, you must drive a predetermined route, at the end of which the cops lag behind themselves. In the city there are also “events” for reckless drivers – having rushed through the start indicated on the map, the player must pass control points in order to establish the highest possible average speed. In addition, radars are located throughout the city, and it is proposed to drive past them at the highest possible speed.


Story of Need For Speed Payback:

The game takes place in a city called Fortune Valley, which provides freedom of movement and which is the largest open world of all the games in the Need for Speed series. Its prototypes were such real cities as Las Vegas and Seattle . Fortune Valley is divided into the following areas:

  • Silver Rock  is a city located in the southeast of Fortune Valley. Skyscrapers and industrial zones are concentrated in it. Key points of Silver Rock: Billionaires Row, Boomville, Arc Tower, Lakeside, Barrio, and Carville Airport.
  • Liberty Desert  is a desert located west of the city of Silver Rock. It houses the player’s first garage, many off-road races, and several abandoned cars that the player can pick up and repair. Key points of Liberty Desert: Airfield 73, Fortuna Valley Solar Project, Fortuna Valley Station, and Las Almas Church.
  • Mount Providence  is a mountain located in the west of Fortune Valley. It contains many tunnels and small establishments. Key Points of Mount Providence: Marshall Observatory, Diamond Peak, Cohen’s Tunnel, Fortune Valley Hotel & Casino, Soledad Church, Mount Grant, Braxton, Newhaven Cottages, and Franklin Dome.
  • Silver Canyon  – gorges and canyons in the north of Fortune Valley, stretching to the northern edge of Silver Rock and flanking Liberty Desert to the north and east. Key points of Silver Canyon: Silver Casino, Silver Dam, Amber Peak, and Amber Valley Visitor Center.

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