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Payment, Return & refund policies:


Currently, our only payment option is Cash On Delivery (COD), we take the rental order fees + shipping fees in advance when

we deliver the order.

Customer can ask for earlier pickup and we’ll organize with him the pickup date but no fees will be deducted as long as
all order items are working fine.

If there’re any not working items are delivered to any customer we give him a replacement in the next day he notices us
and we’ll give him one or two extra free rental days as an apology for that.

The only Refund policy we’ve is that we deliver not working item and customer notices us on the same day
and reject to get a replacement the next day.
Then we’ll come to his address and if the order items aren’t working as he said, we’ll take the stuff and refund him all order fees including shipping fees also.
and will offer him a special discount on his next order as an apology from us.


The customer sign an endorsement that he’ll keep the order items safe as he received it and if not he’ll pay a penalty written in that endorsement.

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