Playstation 5 Review by 3anqod

The PS5 is a great connection that provides an advanced gaming experience and can be upgraded over time with the addition of special games. The PS5 has proven solid and well thought out, although it can be expanded a bit for other settings. There are two issues that prevent it from being a five-star product in its ad, but other than that it is a welcome treat for the PS4 and the exciting new generation of gaming consoles.

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Pros and cons of the PS5:


  • 4K/120 gameplay, 8K/60 support
  • PS Plus Collection is great value
  • Revolutionary controller haptics
  • Beautiful, fast new UI
  • Significantly faster load times


  • The size makes finding a home tricky
  • 1 TB SSD fills up quick
  • Launch library could be a bit fuller
  • Limited backward compatibility
  • No Dolby Vision or Atmos


PlayStation 5 has a game called Astros Play Room. This is the perfect third-person game to play with the cutest robots. This is an experience designed to demonstrate many aspects of dual sense.

Unbelievers are clear when you start playing. As you walk in front of the Astro guide, mark your clever foot with your hands and go from left to right to shape these paths. This is great but things get really fun when you go to different places. It’s hard to say a word, but there’s a thread in you walking on the sand, a real “touch” when Astro and eyeballs sink to the surface of the water. At the same time, you will notice that the rain falls on your hands when it calms down and your appearance becomes completely different.


The same goes for the adaptive triggers. The DualSense instructions are similar in many ways to the signals on the main PlayStation controller: the lock screen. But in several ways, everything changes. An important example of Astro shooting and shooting is that when you return to the queue, you will see that you feel fire resistance, but after the match, you will be the hero of the car. You get a spring ion when you cut. Muscle

Another good example is the capsule broker in the game, where you use two weapons, pull the rope with one hand, and bend with the other. Each step must be performed carefully: press down slightly to open the bar, and then work again to break the plastic box of the toy.


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