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Sackboy finally has a game of his own. LittleBigPlanet’s smiley mascot and, at times, the PlayStation brand has always been treated as an icon rather than a character, a cheesy tabula career where you can do everything in a video game. In Sackboy: A Big Adventure, his trailer is much more traditional. He is a jumping man, a platformer in the tradition of Mario, Sonic, Crash, and all the other pets that came before him. Sackboy, both character and game, makes the platforming mascot cloak a hit in so many ways. While its aesthetic is often felt, its solid platform is a worthwhile challenge.

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Gameplay Sackboy a Big Adventure:

Sackboy’s core competition, platforming, is pretty solid. All the movements at the heart of the Sackboy Arsenal – jumping with secondary flutter, punch, and swing – feel responsive and precise. Like the LittleBigPlanet games, Sackboy’s jump is like swimming at the push of a button, but if you have the ability to flutter, you have more control over when and how you land. Despite his appearance in a storybook, Sackboy has sequences that pose significant challenges, especially if you try to collect all the items along the way. But the levels are based on a certain jump from Sackboy, and the game’s claims are based on him.


However, the real stars are Sackboy’s miscellaneous levels. It seems that each part of each level presents a new challenge, which keeps things fresh. There are some simple areas that force you to tie jerseys as if you were in an obstacle course. Other areas are more autonomous. On some levels, you are forced to search a larger area for a set of advanced hidden keys. Some are built around items that you find at the beginning of each level, such as a boomerang, which allows you to hit enemies and collect items from a distance, or anti-gravity boots, which allow you to swim at the height of your jump for a long time. give me. There is great variation within each level and from one level to another.


However, not all levels of concepts work. Each world has a music level, where all the elements of the world (enemies, platforms, and background objects) move in time with pop songs like “Uptown Funk”, playback, lyrics, and all. It’s an interesting concept, but jarring in the end. Elements of different levels move in time with the different parts of the song, sometimes making it difficult to follow. There is a moment of recognition when each level begins, which is pretty good, but it goes down quickly. Over time, the lyrics become so engaging that it can be difficult to keep track of everything that is happening. Of course, this is in stark contrast to the standard soundtrack, which is great with and without a pop connection.

Extra levels Sackboy a Big Adventure:

There are also optional levels of unique cooperative teamwork, consisting of puzzles that require a certain amount of coordination. (For the sake of full disclosure: I’m a quarantined individual, so I’ve only played one of these, to understand how they work. I’ll say this: The puzzles which more difficult when you have two controllers at the same time.) You can play the core of multiple Sackboy campaigns through a local co-op to the end with up to four players. Everyone plays as a Sackboy, but in different outfits, so you can put that wardrobe to good use. By the way, cross-generation online multiplayer is coming later this year. Personally, I prefer to play platforms alone, so I didn’t see access to a co-op as a real loss.

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