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The Gameplay of Watch Dogs Legion:


Watch Dogs: Legion is an action -adventure video game played from a third-person perspective . The game takes place within an open world , which is a fictional representation of the city of London , covering notable landmarks, municipalities and cultural styles of the city. The world of videogames takes place within a London that has become a state of perpetual surveillance. Personal freedoms have been severely limited, and Albion, a private security company that acts like the police of the city, constantly monitors their activities in their day to day. The player will have the ability to navigate the city, either on foot, using vehicles, or fast traveling through the city’s subway stations . Unlike previous games in the series that focused on using a single protagonist to drive the story narrative, Watch Dogs: Legion features the ability to control multiple characters within the game world. Each of these characters can be transformed via a single mission, Although this depends on your position with DedSec; For example, a character who is assisted by the hacker group will be in favor of helping him when prompted and completing his recruitment mission, while a character whose family member was accidentally killed by a DedSec member will not tolerate the group and he will probably refuse to join.


Once a character is recruited into the player roster, they are assigned to one of three classes: combat , stealth, or hacking .



Development of Watch Dogs Legion:

Watch Dogs: Legion was developed by Ubisoft Toronto , with additional work provided by sister studios Ubisoft Montreal , Ubisoft Paris , Ubisoft Bucharest , Ubisoft Kiev, and Ubisoft Reflections . The development team is headed by Creative Director Clint Hocking , who was recruited to help create the game as Ubisoft moved development from its Montreal studio to Toronto , and recruited developers who had previously worked with him on Far Cry.

Watch Dogs Legion for rent in Egypt by 3anqod

Following its reveal at E3 2019 , many outlets described London’s futuristic scenario as post- Brexit , which could happen after the UK’s planned exit from the European Union.. This choice of scenario became a point of debate in the media, as there are several political questions related to post-Brexit. Hocking stated that they had come up with the idea for this scenario about a year and a half before the actual Brexit vote in 2016, and that while the video game involves Brexit, the intention was not to try to debate the nature of Brexit. , but Show and debate elements already existing in the world today that lead to events like Brexit.


Watch Dogs: Legion is a video game belonging to the action-adventure genre developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft, officially released on October 29, 2020. It is the third installment of the Watch Dogs series and the sequel from Watch Dogs 2 . The game takes place within a fictional representation of London designed as an open world , and can be played from a third-person perspective. It features the ability to control multiple characters that can be recruited from the world of video game and that can be permanently lost during the course of a game. The video game will also feature cooperative multiplayer that will allow up to four players to work together. It was released for Microsoft Windows , PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 5 , Xbox One , Xbox Series X | S, and Google Stadia consoles . Watch Dogs: LegionIt was originally due to be filed on March 6, 2020, but has since been pushed back to an unspecified date during its fiscal year 2021. Ubisoft’s fiscal year 2021 runs from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 Two of the new consoles accepted. Watch Dogs: Legion are the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S , which were released to the market between 10 and 19 November 2020.

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