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Knowing your PES 2021 formations is essential – in such a nuanced game, the right tactical setup impacts every move you make on the field. With esports being a big factor in PES 2021, your choices are especially important online. Choosing between strong defensive lines that won’t hamper your offensive prowess and a smart offensive approach can be difficult for newcomers, which is why below we outline the four PES 2021 formations that are guaranteed to make you the digital equivalent of Nuno Espirito Santo, just that without the impeccable well-groomed beard.

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Best for: Lots of attack options

Moving Forward: Making use of the left and right midfielders just inside the opponent’s court offers a multitude of attacking options, and that supporting striker can wreak havoc on defenders.

Having that supportive striker means you can drive defenders away from the center forward, as well as offering them support. The presence of the SS also means that the attacks can go through the middle of the field instead of the wings, offering many options in the attack.


Keeping it tight in the back: Having the wingers closer to the center circle means that the rest of the midfield has support if they need to move back towards the defense. Bringing them in a bit gives you that extra security if the opposition decides to fight back.


The two central midfielders can be used as DMF’s but leaving them where they are means they can still come back to support the defense. You can also move your left and right backs further out depending on your opponent’s formation.


What you need: Playmakers on the wings who can also come back to defend well, and making sure their supporting striker has some rhythm can ensure they push defenders away from the center forward.


Best for: Attacking from the wing

Moving Forward: Choosing this formation offers a lot of support for your front line as you carry the ball forward. Having two wingers in a high position allows them to get behind the wings, either by breaking for the goal themselves or by putting crossing to the center forward.

Your midfielders also have something to give in, allowing them to keep a strong line in case the attack misses, or use them to pass the balls to the wings so they can move the ball forward. On the other side of the field, you have a balanced team that can perform well on the fast break or a patient pass-and-move approach.

Keeping it tight at the back: While you still have both of your wingers on the field, it can leave you exposed if opponents quickly break apart. Fortunately, having a midfield to cushion the counterattack helps, but they need to be strong.

It would be wise to use the central midfielder to position himself just behind the other two. Using a defensive midfielder can offer support to the four in the back and potentially stop any counterattack, with plenty of coverage in the midfield.

What you need: Having a central midfielder with the ability to defend well and plenty of stamina helps support your defense. As for the wingers, they must be able to run fast and make precise passes, both to supply the center forward and to go in to shoot if they see the opportunity.

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