WWE 2k15 Xbox 360 Review by 3anqod

The previous generation version of 2K15 didn’t have as many new add-ons as you’ve probably heard. The pace of updated and more realistic games is nowhere to be found. However, it is welcome to add a heart rate monitor by removing the premise when the signature is available and closing the window to draw one before it is completed. In addition, it is similar to the usual high-speed campaign, which has become a place of voting rights in recent years. Keep in mind that the old war machine itself is not bad. When it comes to regular games with two or four fighters, it’s definitely fun, though it’s a little too much for the quick spam of an investment or unnatural attack. But he got into games with five or six men and the fierce fighting itself was nothing like a fighting game.

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Great Events WWE 2k15:

2K Showcase Mode is the biggest of new material from 2K15 and it’s not really the nostalgia estate that was the 30th Ann WrestleMania 2K14, which gives you a full view of two major battles; Triple H-Shawn Michaels competition was the revenge of CM Punk-John Cena, who started modernizing in real life in 2002 to 2004 and in 2011. There are some disposable DQs and an unparalleled finish to Raw and SmackDown, but a lack of WrestleMania shows like Punk Versus. Undertaker or Triple H versus. Bookkeeper T is sad. However, the show finally comes close to the feeling of “who plays” at last year’s 30-year-old WrestleMania, rather than the number of forgotten entertainment depicted in Attitude Era mode in WWE ’13.


Sorry, the Who Got NXT setting is just over a mile away. This is basically a list of four historical games for the five members of the WWE 2K15 NXT list. This has already been omitted quite a bit, but it loses much shine if you consider that only two of the group are still in the development department. Neither women’s talents stand out, nor do NXT favorites like Tyler Breeze and Aiden.

Amazing Graphics in WWE 2k15:

Although the show was successful in explaining the 2K game, which I never could, with detailed images and ideas, comments by Jerry Lerner and Michael Cole do not precisely describe the history of NXT, except for the näkemiäni games, remembered on TV from years ago. This is partly because NXT doesn’t offer complete video packages for every release or in-game shoot, but Lawler and Cole don’t have the powerful sound that NXT publishers really bring into space.


The great thing is that there is a problem with fashion. There is no specific question about who will get NXT, so you get three points, but you don’t have to touch your opponent’s title, bid, or make three tough deposit fines. You must die. Although the conditions are really more pleasant to achieve a certain goal, the performance and focus of NXT is unacceptable when you meet it, which can add to your frustration.

Lots of Characters in WWE 2k15:

With lists of 2K15, 63 superstars, eight Divas, and three managers, WWE is the youngest and most diverse today. It seems like a new feature has been added; Goldstar, Bray Wyatt, and NXT Superstar appeared. Not much has been done to fix the ancient figures, so the Santino canal looks no further than surgery, and Dolph Ziegler’s mouth is two times the size of the average person’s. There are more ridges than ever before, so expect more limbs, arms, and ropes. When I raise the bell to see my opponent, he is covered in the hand.

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